17 Best Torrentz Alternatives (2022 UPDATED)

Don't use torrent sites without a torrent VPN!
Torrentz site is down! Because the owner wanted to avoid any kind of copyright infringement notice from Govt or FBI. So, what do you think using torrent sites without a VPN is not a good idea. Your ISP is monitoring your every move so secure your privacy with a VPN!


Searching for the best torrentz alternatives sites? Well, here your all google search will end.

Top 17 Torrentz Alternatives

After the shutdown of the popular torrent site KickAssTorrents, the most popular torrent search engine torrentz. eu also bid his farewell all on a sudden. It was not clear why the owner of torrentz site would take such step although there was not any sign that U.S. Authority or Hollywood Copyright gang was after this search engine.

Torrentz was simply the best torrent finder site because you could search anything on their site and they would give the result based on numerous torrent sites. The end result was excellent and everyone loved torrentz for that reason. But after torrentz search functionality was disabled from the backend by the developers most torrent lovers are now searching for best torrentz alternatives site. We also posted about KickAssTorrent alternative site , please do check it also.

Also have a look at the torrent sites list:

Torrentz alternative latest update as of April 2018


Official Torrentz site bids farewell to its users

Torrentz official site is still up but only the search functionality is not working. So if you are looking for torrentz alternative because of the disabled search functionality then you should try the below sites. It is still can not be said if it will ever come back again. But we can only hope that someday , in someway, Torrentz come back with its glory may be operating by another “head of the operation“. Although there are some torrentz clone site that is present and many sites are mentioning them as torrentz alternative, but be aware of these site, we don’t know if they have implanted malware on their site or not. If you would like to protect your computer from malware and viruses , we recommend you use the latest version of Antivirus software and also if you would like to avoid the Copyright infringing notice given by the ISP you must use VPN for Torrenting.

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Torrentz Alternative 1


The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrentz alternative site after KickAsstorrents. The Pirates Bay was once also taken down but it came back with full database and updated torrent files. The Pirate Bay is still the most visited torrent sites as of 2017. So if you are missing torrentz .eu site and would like to search for your beloved torrent files you can do so by visitng ThePirateBay (TPB) site. But remember one thing, never give your credit card information to the ads that show up in the torrent site. If you would like to DISABLE HARMFUL Ads like this from any site you visit , then you should use Private Internet Access VPN which has a built-in Adblocker inside the VPN software and it also hides your torrent activity and you will never receive any Warning from your ISP, Period!!

In UK, The Pirate Bay website will soon be banned and if you would like to unblock it using a torrent vpn is a good idea. And no VPN can beat Private Internet Access in terms of both reliability and speed.

Torrentz Alternative 2

torrentz alternative extratorrent


Extratorrent visitors multiplied thousand times after the demise of Kickasstorrents and Torrentz .eu. It can be considered as the viable torrentz alternative site out there because of its reputation and the official release of ETTV for TV series and ETRG for movies. The search functionality of Extratorrent is the strongest with the auto-suggestion feature like Google search engine. Many considered torrentz. eu as the Google search engine for torrent files. Among all the torrentz alternatives that we have discussed in this post, Extratorrent is the most updated and has a great user interface that you will soon get attracted to. The only problem with Extratorrent is that most of the office network and university Wi-Fi blocked it due to its content. But, Hey! We have VPN software to unblock it, right? All torrent files are categorized so you can find your desired content very easily.

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Torrentz Alternative 3

torrentz alternative


ISOHunt is the perfect torrentz alternative due to its large user base and clean interface. Categorized torrent files with search option made it one of the best torrent tracker website. This site faces law-suit in 2013 but it has also come back with all its glory and shining now like stars. The site also posts regularly on it’s blog page. You can easily find your favorite torrent sites by just clicking on the right category. It is the only torrent tracker website that has a Movie Chart which is super cool. IsoHunt also shows you the popular search in real time as like torrentz. This torrentz alternative works just great but be careful with the Ads though.

Torrentz Alternative 4

torrentz alternative


Limetorrent has a fresh web page design. Limetorrent allows you to download torrent using their own binary application. They are trying to hide the download links so that they can escape the copyright troll’s law-suite. The site is very user friendly and allows you to search your favorite torrent files very easily. So we can call this a good torrentz alternative with just one catch – you need to use their own binary software. I would not recommend you to solely use their own software without using encryption tool like torrent VPN. A good VPN ( Virtual Private Network) will hide your online activity and thus will protect your privacy and secure your online/virtual life.

Torrentz Alternative 5

torrentz alternative rarbg


RarBG is one of the best Torrentz Alternatives site on our list. RarBG has a great library of torrent files and also allows you to check the user’s comment before you decide to download torrent files. RarBG has a menu call “catalog” which you can use to find the torrent files. Most of the torrents uploaded at RarBG is original but recently some fake upload has caught my attention, so you need to rely on the comments. Above all it is a nice torrentz alternative.

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Be Aware Torrent Users – Your ISP and Govt. is watching you!!

Don’t use torrent websites without protection because your ISP may charge you huge fine if they find out you are downloading torrent files. How they will find you? Using your IP address of course. Now what should you do? You need to mask your IP address by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN also changes your location information. Your Internet traffic is encrypted and your IP changed by VPN server’s IP address. So if any of the above mentioned torrent site is blocked VPN can unblock them too!!

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Rest of the Torrentz Alternative sites

  1. Popcorn Time
  2. Mininova
  3. Demoniod
  4. RuTracker
  5. Seedpeer
  6. 1337x
  7. BitSnoop
  8. Zooqle
  9. Toorgle
  10. thunderbytes
  11. TorrentBox
  12. YourBittorrent

Conclusion of torrentz alternative

So, here ends our list of some of the best torrentz alternatives. If you have any more torrentz alternative site on your mind then don’t forget to share it with us. Comment , Like and Share!! Peace!!

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