How To Download Torrents Securely & Anonymously Without Getting Caught or Banned

Beware Torrent Users!
If you don’t use a VPN softwae when you are downloading torrent files, your ISP is logging your every move and you will receive huge fines from both the copyright holders and also your ISP may ban your subscription. So it is wise for you to mask your IP address and encrypt your browsing history with a torrent VPN.


How To Download Torrents Securely & Anonymously Without Getting Caught or Banned

BitTorrent, the prominent and one of the most used Torrent clients, is neither illegal nor unsafe to use, whatsoever. BitTorrent is a revolutionary tool to help you transfer large files to hundreds or thousands of users in a flash.

However, most people use torrent applications, for the most part, to download ‘copy-protected’, aka ‘copyright’, content from scores of free public torrent download websites such as ExtraTorrent, YiFyMovies, etc.
Expensive premium software tools, latest movies, hybrid games, TV seasons, etc. are some of the most extensively downloaded ‘copyright’ materials through torrent sites.

Downloading copy-protected material through torrent sites is considered illegal across numerous global cyber regulations as it hampers the financial interests of the ‘copyright owner’. As a consequence, user activities on leading torrent sites is strictly and seamlessly monitored by applicable regulators across New Zealand, Australia, Canada, US, and several other nations to track and avoid illicit downloading of such content by the people.
Therefore, in order to download files from torrent websites anonymously, numerous BitTorrent users are always searching for ways to hide their identities from their respective Internet Service Providers and Copyright Holders such as RIAA, MPAA, and several others.

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How They Track You

Internet Service Provider

Your ISP (Internet service provider) can read anything you device send over the Internet. Some also sell your web browser data to marketing companies.

Your ISP can track anything you transfer across the Internet through your device. Several internet service providers also tend to sell your browser data to data analytics and internet marketing service providers.
In general, your internet service provider monitors your traffic and, if any illegal torrent activity is identified, they tend to slow down your Internet downloading speed.

Fake Torrent and Publish Torrent Trackers

Copyright managers such as RIAA, MPAA and several others have joined hands with leading ISPs to adopt and implement the “Copyright Alert System” as per which, a user is issued with a DMCA (Digital Material Copyright Act) notice if he or she is found guilty of downloading copyrighted material online.
This anti-piracy unit collects the IP address of users who are downloading copyrighted material from the web. They can easily track torrent users by creating a fake torrent, which gives them the privilege to monitor public torrent trackers.

Details collected by the anti-piracy division is, then, forwarded to the respective Internet Service Provider who, in turn, issues a copyright alert to the user.

Tips 1: Users can track it using ipMagent, a tool that helps track the IP addresses being sent by the BitTorrent Client is sending to its seeders and leeches.

Tips 2: You can use Private Torrent Trackers that significantly helps you avoid your torrent activities from getting monitored by the ISP.

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How to download torrents anonymously:

To download a copyright or copy-protected torrent file securely and anonymously, you must consider using a VPN. Over millions of BitTorrent users count on VPN services to secure their privacy while using torrent sites.

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How VPN Helps You Browse and Download Torrent Anonymously

Downloading files from a torrent site needs two principal things:

  • A BitTorrent client to download Torrent file
  • A browser to browse and find the .torrent file or a magnet link to directly launch the BitTorrent application for downloading the file

As already discussed, ipMagnet tool lets you track the IP addresses being sent by your torrent client to their seeders and leechers for tracking their Torrenting activities.

anonymous torrent check ip

The image above shows certain IP addresses with a corresponding country flag. Here you can find IP addresses of the users who are currently downloading or seeding the torrent.

Copyright holders, then, gather the IP addresses and send them to the ISP who, further, sends a copyright alert to the user.

How They Trap Torrent users:

1. When you try to find a torrent file to download your favorite movie or game on torrent sites, such as ExtraTorrent, YiFiMovies or ThePirateBay, you must have noticed that you tend to find a lot of fake torrent files that are either empty or have no seeds except 1 or 2.

Some of these files are created by spammers while others are made by copyright managers such as RIAA, MPAA, and several others for trapping torrent users and collecting IPs of users who download such files.

2. Another resort is if you’re using a Publish Torrent Tracker, then your details might be tracked easily by the ISP as well as copyright holders. To prevent this, you must consider using Private Torrent Trackers which ensure your activities can hardly be monitored by anyone.

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