How to download uTorrent free & safely in 2021

Don't use torrent sites without a VPN!
Do you know your ISP is tracking your torrent activity? If they find you are downloading torrent files and infringing copyright then you will receive warning emails and even court order if you are found frequent torrent user. So, you must use a VPN to encrypt all of your torrent downloads and secure your privacy! Freedom is untested if you don’t use a Torrent VPN.


Are you looking for how to download uTorrent ? You have reached the perfect place. Look :

I’ll explain how to download uTorrent safely, and without advertising:

With 100% confidence that you do not download a rare program, malware or any  virus that your computer loads

And in the latest version of uTorrent available for 2018

How to download uTorrent for free

Remember that uTorrent is 100% free , and is financed with advertising that its developers put in some corners of the screen

Therefore, it is downloaded as any other program :

Go to the software website (I’ll give you the secure access below), look for the link , and download it

Check that the web is the original, do not install imitations

Remember that you should only download it from the developer’s website . Look at the image that I just put on you here ↑

Notice that the page is . Do not utorrent. any other

Access from the link that I leave here below to the original website of the creator, and ready

100% free software


As I just told you, uTorrent is a 100% free program

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They also offer the paid version, uTorrent Pro (without advertising and with some other advantages), but you do not need it to download files , so do not worry

You do not need to pay at all:

Go directly to the link that I’m going to leave you below , and download the file directly

Avoid any website where they tell you to pay to download it, or ask you to install any other program beforehand

Do not get ripped off in other ad websites

Malware warnings / Potential threat

Maybe your browser (Chrome) or some antivirus (McAfee, Avast, AVG) inform you that the page is malicious

Or the download file is a potential threat …

Surely not true

If you download uTorrent from the creator’s page, it is impossible to install viruses

Another thing is that you get other programs ,  uTorrent creator partners , during installation:

To avoid any mess, follow the guide to install uTorrent here  ← Here I explain how to avoid installing other programs

Using uTorrent is safe, completely

You just need to know what you do . And you are in the perfect place to get that:

We have all the uTorrent guides and tutorials that you need

Download uTorrent 2018 without advertising

I hope you have the whole subject clear. I leave the links below ↓

From the developer’s page you can download uTorrent in the latest version always . Remember: download the file and follow the guide to continue installing uTorrent

If you use Windows

Here you have the access:  Download uTorrent 2018 for Windows

  • You will see the “Buy uTorrent Plus” button. No case, go down a little moreand you’re done: Here’s the latest version of 2018 free uTorrent
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And if you use Mac …

You have the link here:  Download uTorrent for Mac for free

Android? IPhone? We also have them:

If you are looking for the Android app (or want to know more about it), here’s how uTorrent works for Android , and what options do you have?

Have you already downloaded uTorrent?

As soon as you have uTorrent downloaded to your computer, to the next step :

How to install uTorrent + configure it to download

In a minute you will be downloading games with uTorrent

Or downloading music and listening to it in your Bluetooth cap while protecting yourself from the cold this winter

Do you have any doubts?

Is there a step that is not as in the guide and you just did not get it clear ?

If you have any problem in the uTorrent 2018 download process , let us know in a comment !

Do you want to make a contribution or add an idea? Write us down here too


Remember before you start downloading torrent files , secure it with a VPN

A VPN is a software that can encrypt your internet traffic and changes your IP address. When you download a torrent file, a peer-to-peer connection is established and your IP address is open to all the connected users. Also, your ISP is monitoring your internet traffic and may send you copyright infringement notice based on your download habit. ISP companies like comcast has advanced tracking devices that can distinguish each users and their browsing traffic. It’s like open bible to them. So if you want to avoid Lawsuit, Fines , Jail then you must TURN ON A TORRENT VPN and secure your internet browsing..

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We recommend Private Internet Access VPN for torrenting because PIA VPN servers are optimized for torrenting and hence gives your pretty fast download speed. Also, PIA VPN doesn’t save any type of log hence your internet traffic is always private and secure.

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