How to use uTorrent completely Anonymous (Complete Guide 2023)

Everyone can see what you are downloading by uTorrent

And you do not have to be any hacker.

You just have to go to a specific website (below I’ll tell you which one), and you can see everything that has downloaded the IP you want.

Any IP

The same page reads your IP and tells you what you have downloaded lately. And what have your neighbors downloaded (IPs close to yours)?

You can even send a link to a friend to see what he downloads

It’s a little scary, is not it?

Do not run out to start your router’s cable yet:

I will explain the two main points, so that you have everything very clear:

  1. How others can see what you download with uTorrent
  2. How can you solve this and use uTorrent anonymously

Anyone can see what you are downloading with uTorrent

This is nothing new :

When you are going to download movies or games with uTorrent , others can see what you download

And you can see what others download:

When you have a file going down, you can see the IPs of other users sharing the file

An IP address is a number that identifies a device when it is connected to the network

That is, each IP is a device, someone who is downloading

Test yourself:

Select (click) any file you are downloading in uTorrent:

At the bottom, in the “Peers” tab, look at the list of users that appears:

utorrent download anonymously

Those are all the IPs that also have the file , from which you are importing data to complete your download ( here I explain better how the download process works )

There you can see your version of uTorrent / another download program , the percentage of the file you have …

The numbers in each user are your IP

IPs of people who are using uTorrent

And in a free online service like this you can see where that IP, your Internet provider, and other information very easily…

Even so, this seemed pretty anonymous … After all, nobody knows who you are exactly like your name, download history etc.:

You will only get a little number with the flag of your country and nothing else …


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A website that will tell you what your neighbors download

This website tells you what you have downloaded lately

Get your IP and compare it with the torrent listeners that it does:

If you download any torrent you have in your database (and it is very likely, they have more than 600,000) …

Your IP will appear in the list of peers (of which I spoke to you a moment ago)

And you will be registered (among other 700,000,000+ daily records).

Remember that IPs are assigned by zone

And for that, this page finds other IPs close to yours that have also made downloads:

utorrent download anonymously 2
It’s fun to see what other people have downloaded

But of course, they can also see what you download

They do not know that you are exactly

But … it scares

This web page makes this data public . And easily accessible (with what that entails) for companies or agencies that want to use them:

Although it is not just this web page

Actually your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can also have a record of this

And someone in your same wifi network (with certain knowledge) also …

Internet providers have an automatic data record (they are the ones that manage your connection, Google Fiber, Comcast or whoever is)

And, by law, they have to show it to any government agency or agency that asks for it (with an order, and under certain circumstances, in theory)

Anyway, you do not know what they do with this registry without you knowing

The same as the page that I mentioned before: they have all this information , and on their website they propose ways in which they can use this information

And if you want to protect yourself from all this

Through the internet you can find a lot of ideas and rumors about ways to avoid all this

You also have options like using proxy servers to hide your IP and be something more anonymous online

Right here I explain what is the best and only real solution

  • Solution to any registry that your ISP can take of you
  • Total anonymity before the web that I have commented to you, or any
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How to overcome any registration or blocking on the internet that your government or your internet provider places

These day there is only one REAL way to use uTorrent anonymously:

How to use uTorrent anonymously 100%

Nowadays, the best solution to use uTorrent anonymously is to use a torrent VPN

If you do not know what I’m talking about, here are some basic details for us to understand:

I explain what a VPN is and how it works (in a simple way , do not worry)

And below I explain how you can get access to a VPN , the best online option

What does VPN mean?

If you’ve never heard of a VPN , the first thing you need to know is this:

It is a very powerful tool to protect any device you want while browsing the Internet
Not only for downloads with uTorrent. Although I already talk about this below

A VPN improves your online experience by offering security, anonymity, privacy, etc.

What a VPN is for?

VPN in Spanish stands for Virtual Private Network (Virtual Private Network)

And that’s exactly what it does: connect to the internet through a private network (nobody sees your data)

For example, by using a VPN you can:

  • Watch any type of movie or television channel , on any device, and from anywhere in the world
  • Access content that is censored or limited in your country, or in your network (in companies, for example)
  • Keep your traffic safe and private, even on public networks without a password

utorrent download anonymously expressvpn

How does VPN work?

VPN online services have servers around the world

When you have an account in one of these services, you can connect to the internet as if you were in any of those points

And once connected and chosen the place, all your traffic on the internet goes through a tunnel

From your real computer / smartphone, to that server you have chosen, which is the one that connects to the Internet from the country where you are

So you can overcome any type of government blockade

And any type of logging / information harvesting.

Because the connection is private:

Within that tunnel all your information is encrypted: nobody can see any of it.

utorrent download anonymously

When connected in another part of the world, your IP is different:

And more important: ANONYMOUS 100%

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The IP with which you download / browse online will correspond to that server

And you can change it whenever you want . All the time

So, nobody can see your real IP.

Your IP is hidden while you download with uTorrent

Once connected to your VPN, if you went to the page that we have seen before, you could see the downloads for that IP, in that country :

But it does not affect you because it’s not your real device

No one could locate where you are

Not even your ISP, because all transfers through this VPN tunnel are private

In short: a VPN makes the Internet as it should be: Free, Open and PRIVATE

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Using a VPN is very simple:

It’s as easy as signing up for the best VPN provider

And most providers (any option that is worth it ) will give you several services:

You can download an app on your Smartphone, on your Mac or on your Windows computer

This way all the connections from your device will go through the VPN tunnel
You can also install an add-on in your browser (Chrome, Firefox)

So you would only protect what you do in the browser . You may be interested when you can not install programs on a computer (companies, study centers)
Some VPNs have up to protection for routers:

You do not have to install anything else on any device: everything connected to that router is protected. This is an incredible option : comfortable and fast
A VPN provider gives you all these services in one pack:

To not make this guide more heavy, click here to see how to get and use the best VPN option right now


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