Best Torrent Search Engine [Top 10] that still works in 2021

Don't use torrent sites without a VPN!
Do you know your ISP is tracking your torrent activity? If they find you are downloading torrent files and infringing copyright then you will receive warning emails and even court order if you are found frequent torrent user. So, you must use a VPN to encrypt all of your torrent downloads and secure your privacy! Freedom is untested if you don’t use a Torrent VPN.


Have you been struggling to find a torrent website that delivers a wide range of results? Or perhaps you want a website that is easy to navigate and doesn’t involve any fancy procedures that leave you scratching your head in confusion? There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to choosing a Torrent Search Engine, and as an individual user you perhaps feel that it is quite a daunting task.

More broadly as well, it can be hard to find websites that are still functioning – often they are taken offline without any prior notice, leaving dedicated users at a loss for where they are going to download and share their files from.

So, we’ve thought long and hard and decided to compile a list of as many Torrent Search Engines as we possibly could – so you won’t struggle to find alternatives when you want to stream a film, a TV show or even download a game. Let’s dive straight in to see how many reliable Torrent search Engines we could come up with (hint – a lot) and what each of them have that makes them unique. Just a little notice before we begin though. Even though we’re listing some of our favourite search engines it doesn’t mean that you should get trigger happy and do to them straight way- there’s some very important things to consider that we’ve detailed at the end of the article. Make sure you don’t skip this bit!

Let’s get going.

  1. XTORX

We’re starting with a big name in the search Engine world. This site is classy, in that it very skilfully steers clear of advertisements to improve user experience, while also being incredibly simple to use. Some of those who are cynical may feel that it’s almost too simple, but we’d say that if anything, its simplicity only puts emphasis on how very powerful it is.

  1. Top Torrents

Having gone through a series of different names, this search engine can also be used on your mobile. This is turn means that you can stream media on your phone on the go! Perfect for those of you who find portable computer devices too cumbersome.

  1. A10 Search
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This search engine can be described very accurately using just one adjective: speedy. In less than a mere second, you’ll be presented with results from across all of the files that the A10 search engine has access to.  Speaking of files, A10 also churns out files that are slightly more unorthodox such as images or subtitles, meaning that not only does it have a vast quantity of files, it also has different types.

  1. BTDB

The filtering capabilities of this Torrent search engine are remarkable. Just to give you an idea of the different factors that you can fiddle with, here’s a little list:

  • Total file size
  • Popularity rating of Torrent
  • Type of Torrent Link

And many, many more. The abbreviation stands for BitTorrent Database.  Just for the filter alone this search engine is worthy of praise.

  1. Lime Torrents

This search engine will take a bit of time to explain. It’s been around since the dawn of this kind of technology and hasn’t faced any legal issues like its comrades (cough, The Pirate Bay). The search engine doesn’t actually give you torrent results, but tells you where to find them. This of course means that the site is rather secure. Given its old age though, it has got a tendency to often randomly go offline – not ideal if you want constant reliability. In Lime Torrent’s defence though, this doesn’t happen that often and this could be said of most other search engines.

  1. BTDigg

Because all of the Torrent search engines we have picked are the best of the best, there will be a lot of overlapping information. We begin by what you must be used to hearing by now – a simple user interface – no qualms whatsoever about how to navigate your way around BTDigg. What makes BT Digg stand out however is the fact that you can take a sneak peak of the torrent file that you’re going to download before you download it.  We’ve seen before that some Torrent Search Engines have tutorials to guide you through the nitty gritty. BTDigg is also one of these and tries to unpack terms that might be problematic for users.

  1. Torrenter
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This one is comparatively young and it definitely shows – nevertheless, it’s always good to have another option in case your favourite Torrent search engine is offline. Though it’s new, it does the job, though in a somewhat unsophisticated fashion. You can’t really filter with the refinement as some of the earlier Torrent Search Engines.

  1. RARBG

We’ve included many options for Torrent search engines that provide you with a large variety of results. RARBG is not an exception to this general rule. Unlike some of the other ones, this is a recognised and reputed Torrent Search Engine – with its crisp homepage you won’t have to worry about navigating your way to the torrents of your choice.

  1. ETTV

This Torrent Search Engine is relatively new, and targeted especially at those of you who wish to download a very specific type of content: TV Shows. With the massive range of TV shows comes a massive range of adverts. Having said this, we noticed that the  torrent download time  was really quick… so if you’re in a rush but not averse to adverts, this one will work perfectly for you.

  1. KATcr

Amusingly named KickassTorrentscr, this specific Search Engine is the revitalised version of its forerunner, KickassTorrents. It offers almost a community feel, with many users using the search engine as a platform to speak to other users. Like its original version (in fact we can’t really tell the difference between the two) the search engine is wonderfully simple and easy to get around.

  1. Torrent Downloads

They’re all starting to sound very similar at this point, aren’t they? You’d be forgiven for thinking they are but trust us when we say that the minor differences make a difference to your user experience. What stood out for Torrent Downloads was the fact that next to each result there is a value input for ‘health’ which means that you can choose your torrent according to how well it will download. This snazzy little feature will save you lots of time.

  1. YTS

You’ve heard it all by now. You’re probably wondering what different features there are left to offer.  The best thing about YTS is that the ratio between quality and size is phenomenal. No longer will you have to worry about having enough space for a Torrent file. Compared to other search engines, you will benefit hugely in terms of size if you download from YTS.  You might have heard that this search engine is known for its vast movie selection – though it was the original search engine, YIFY, that was celebrated for this, YTS also has an impressive store.

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Before you go crazy and start using all of these different search engines, it is very important to make sure that you are doing so in a manner which means that your data isn’t at risk. One way to do this is by downloading a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network for those of you who don’t know what the abbreviation means. Why, you ask? As you may or may not know, Internet service providers are able to monitor your browsing activity. Not only this, but because you will be uploading as well as downloading data, they also have the power to intercept your data and pass it on to malicious parties.  So, take our advice: download a VPN before you take part in any kind of filesharing activity.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only bit of boring precaution we feel the need to bombard you with. We mentioned earlier that one of the main reasons you need to have alternative search engines is because some of them tend to go offline rather suddenly, removed because of their legally blurred status. Even though the P2P process is absolutely legal, the material that is sent via this process might not always be legal. If any of the files that you are sharing or downloading break copyright laws, then you could be subject to legal action. We have to put out a disclaimer that we are not condoning any kind of illegal filesharing activity. The internet, and indeed Torrent Search Engines are there for you to enjoy in a responsible manner.

Overall, as is self-evident, there any many options for you in terms of search engines. It is up to you to choose one that is most tailored to your needs. Maybe consider making a list of your most desired features, and we promise you’ll thank us in the long run. Most importantly, make sure you follow the given advice on safeguarding your data. Finally – don’t download or share illegal files. It’s simply not worth it, and not what the technology was designed for.



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