What is uTorrent? How to use uTorrent? Complete Guide 2021

It's time to encrypt your torrent activity!
You don’t have any idea about uTorrent? This article will describe what is uTOrrent from basic to advanced. But what about your privacy which is at risk of getting exposed by your ISP? Your ISP is monitoring your every move and will fine you big amount if they find out you are downloading movies, tv series illegaly using uTorrent. So, hide your online torrenting history by using a Torrent VPN


What is uTorrent and what does uTorrent do? BEGINNING WITH THE BASICS:

This is the first question you ask when someone talks to you about uTorrent or you see it installed on a computer: What is uTorrent?

And beyond that, what really matters to you is: What is uTorrent used for? and … How does uTorrent work?

In this first section of The Complete Tutorial to use and master uTorrent we will answer these two questions so that you do not have any doubt:

You will see a basic explanation so that you understand it without problems

Also, I have added the technical part at the end if you stay curious or want to know more.

What is uTorrent

How do I download with utorrent?
To start easily, the first thing to say is that uTorrent is a program (software) used to download files on your computer .

uTorrent is a totally legal program , which allows the sharing of files between users through the BitTorrent system

How the BitTorrent system uses to share torrent files?

uTorrent is called a Torrent Client or BitTorrent Client which allows sharing a file between one computer and another , in small packages or chunk of file.

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Same as other torrent programs that serve the same

What uTorrent is use for

This way, if you had a very large file that you would like to pass to another person, since you can not send it by mail, you could use torrent technology and upload it. After upload your friend can also use uTorrent and download it. Hence, uTorrent is used to pass the big file to them..

Another function is to replace Direct Downloading.

The direct download is a form of download from a server in which the user does not have to wait for queues , and the transfer rate depends on the bandwidth of rise of the emitter and the bandwidth of descent of the receiver

Direct download : That is, when you download a file or a photo directly from the Internet browser

But if the file is very large, like audios or videos that occupy several hundred megabytes …

Maybe you can not wait with the browser open to download everything at once. And sometimes it can give you problems.

A torrent client will allow you to download this file in parts , stop the download , continue another day , etc.

In addition, thanks to BitTorrent technology: The parts that you have already downloaded (and which are already on your computer) are shared with other users who are also downloading that file, while you continue downloading the parts that are missing.

Explaining it in simple words:

Instead of downloading the same file from the same site, each computer has it as a server and anyone can download it from there .

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Interesting, huh? Well that’s how bitTorrent works.

Some Frequently asked questions about uTorrent:

Below are some frequently asked questions about uTorrent and respective answers.

Is it illegal to have uTorrent?

uTorrent is legal but using uTorrent to download copyright material is not. So if you download/upload contents that are free on the web then you don’t need to worry. If you upload/download contents that is not owned by you (copyright) then you are being tracked by your ISP. And if any copyright owner directs ISP to hand over your information then your ISP will most probably comply with them. You may also receive cease and desist email and you will be asked to pay hefty fines.

Don’t worry, if you love torrenting then just use a VPN for torrenting and keep your online activity secret. A VPN software changes your IP address and encrypts your online traffic so your ISP will have no knowledge about what you are downloading via uTorrent.

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Is it safe to download from uTorrent?

uTorrent is safe to download and use. Once, they did add cryptominer addon with this software but later removed and instead they created uTorrent Pro version for revenue. But when you are downloading and uploading torrent files you need to be more vigilante because there are many fake torrent files which is filled with Viruses/Malwares. So, you can use a good antivirus software if you are using Windows PC.

Is utorrent a virus?

Again, uTorrent is not a virus. It’s just a software to download torrent files and uploading torrent files.

How do I install utorrent?

Go to the uTorrent site and install it. Here are our uTorrent version guide which has the download link for every operating system.

How do I download with uTorrent?

Downloading with uTorrent is pretty easy. If you have .torrent file then you will need to “Double click” on it to open it with uTorrent. If you did not associate uTorrent with .torrent files during installation then click on the “Torrents” tab and then select the first “+ plus” sign icon to add a .torrent file.

You can also give a “magnet” link of a torrent file. Then select the “Link” icon of the second shown below screenshot:


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