Best VPN for Torrenting 2021 [Complete guide + Top 5 review]

Everyone loves to download their favorite TV shows and movies on their systems just so that they can enjoy watching them at their comfort. This is done with the help of torrents. We will be getting to the concept of torrent a little later in this article. However, though it might sound all the more appealing, torrents are actually outlawed in a number of countries due to certain anti-piracy policies introduced by governments around the world.

In this article, we shall be introducing you to the 5 best VPNs for torrenting. Upon using VPN for torrenting, you can maintain complete anonymity of your IP address meaning that you can now freely download any torrent of your choice without any difficulty. Read on to find out more!


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By not using a VPN for torrenting, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to unwanted problems which will be discussed in detail below:

Legal Consequences of torrent

Data privacy and protection is an issue gaining importance lately. Governments are posing strict rules when it comes to the movement of copyrighted material on the internet. Most of the torrents are pirated and in case you do end up downloading it, you are now in the watching eye of government agencies who could label you as an illegal sharer of pirated material. Film and Music companies have designated watchdog teams which monitor the activities of users downloading torrents off the internet. Without the use of the best VPN for torrents, you could possibly end up falling into trouble. By trouble, we mean attracting hefty fines and in some cases, jail time as well. Hence, to avoid such legal trouble, it is always advised to use VPN for torrenting which will keep your identity private and even if you do download a risky torrent, your IP address will remain hidden.

Malware Risks

A computer without a VPN network is like a child without a vaccination. When you fail to use a VPN network while torrenting, you are leaving your system vulnerable to be attacked by potential risks such as ransomware, hackers, viruses as well as malicious content. Sometimes, torrents too can act as sources of malware. In case you open a disguised torrent carrying a malware file, you are playing the risk of losing all your data and eventually leaking your IP address to the outside world.

Hence, a VPN network protects you from such malware by not allowing illegal and malicious torrents to penetrate into your system. They run scans of incoming files thereby protecting your system and its data within.

Safety of Data

When you are torrenting or doing p2p file sharing without the use of the best VPN for torrenting, you are providing a potential gateway to your device’s other data to be accessed by any third party. This could prove suicide if you have classified and critical data on your system. It could fall into the hands of wrong people which could mean trouble for you in many aspects.

However, this is only a cause of worry if you’re storing critical data in the same folder of the downloaded torrents. Otherwise, your data is safe. However, this isn’t guaranteed. Hence, it’s always best to use the best VPN for a torrent which will help you remain anonymous while torrenting and also help keep your data safe.


P2P networks do not pose a direct threat to the data of a company. But they act as guides to hackers who are capable of accessing the data. Whether you download a torrent, a potential hacker can get hold of the IP address of the device on which the torrent is being downloaded. This will help the hackers target one specific computer leaving your device and its data to become vulnerable.

VPN networks can help avoid this as they mask your IP address and also establish a firewall which makes it difficult for the hacker to penetrate through the firewall and into your system.

Why is it dangerous to download torrent files without a good VPN for torrenting?

Downloading your favorite media files online with the help of torrents can be a dangerous task as your IP address can be easily visible to the people outside. Media production companies have designated teams whose task is to scout around and look for such IP addresses which are used to download illegal content. Such IP addresses are then forwarded to the concerned ISPs. An ISP will then collaborate with the concerned law enforcement agencies in order to cut the downloading of such illegal content.

One possible way to hide your IP address with the help of a Virtual Private Network, or simply a VPN. This will allow you to change the IP address of your connection and keep your identity anonymous so that the ISPs have no clue of what you’re doing.

VPNs are great IT tools which allow you to download the latest movie torrents all without revealing your location, encrypting your connection and lots more!


#1 NordVPN – The Best VPN for Torrenting


NordVPN is the best VPN for torrenting for many reason and we will discuss about it here. It is based out of Panama and carries a strict no log maintenance policy coupled with an attractive lineup. Though it does carry variability when it comes to network speed, it does offer the best VPN services for torrenting along with P2P downloads.

If you are one of those users who pays a lot of emphasis on privacy, then this is the perfect VPN for torrenting for a user like you. It includes features such as VPN over tor servers, Double Hop VPN configurations. Ad blocking is another included feature on this best VPN of torrenting.

Regardless of whatever use it’s put to, Nord VPN for torrenting is certainly one of the best of its kind in the market and the best part is that it’s available for a very affordable price as well.


  • The applications of Nord VPN are very user-friendly in nature
  • In case you do not like the product, you are entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Supports Double hop VPN servers
  • Offers seamless customer care support available 24/7
  • Nord VPN maintains no logs as such
  • Works with Netflix
  • Nord VPN is available for a very affordable price
  • Unnecessary ads are blocked when you use Nord VPN for torrenting.


  • Server speeds are variable at times

#2 ExpressVPN – Superfast Torrent VPN


If you are looking for anonymous torrenting and P2P downloading, ExpressVPN is one great option you must consider. The service provider is offered by Express VPN International Ltd which is a company based out of the British Virgin Islands. It which provides its users with a variety of custom VPN applications which have performed very well in the market so far. It offers second to none protection to customer data along with a no logging policy and most importantly, offshore jurisdiction.

One of the most advantageous feature of this best VPN for torrenting it’s super-fast and secure download capabilities. It is often considered as the fastest VPN for torrenting and can also be used as a proxy as well.

It is highly advised to make use of ExpressVPN as it is one of the best VPN for torrenting. You can also access media platforms such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, etc. It is important to note that most of the VPNS are rejected by such platforms and hence, ExpressVPN is one of the very few VPNs for torrenting allowed by such media platforms.


  • Amazing speeds can be attained using this best VPN for torrents
  • Very user-friendly and highly reliable app
  • It also offers a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on all its purchases
  • It also supports a split tunneling feature
  • Works with all the prominent online media streaming services
  • Customer support is second to none in the industry


  • Very expensive in terms of the subscription fee

#3 Private Internet Access – Blazing fast & Cheap VPN for Torrenting


Private Internet Access has held the title as one of the best VPNs for torrenting in the market. Their network is very sophisticated and consists of elements such as bare metal servers which offer lightning speed. Features such as port forwarding, multi-hop VPN, and stealth VPN are all supported by this best VPN for torrenting. Additionally, the bandwidth provided by Private Internet Access is excellent and is such that you can verify it in real time as well.

Due to its amazing technical features, Private Internet Access is one of the most reputed VPN for Torrenting in the industry today. Overall, it helps you keep your IP address at bay along with other key functions as well.


  • You can now connect a maximum of 5devices to the VPN network simultaneously.
  • There are virtually no logs and without any sort of restrictions
  • You can also access the stealth VPN option of this best VPN for torrenting.
  • The servers are bare metal in nature which can operate in RAM Disk mode
  • It blocks advertisements along with any potential malware trying to attack your system data.


  • The subscription cost is very high

#4 PureVPN – Supersafe and Secure Torrent VPN


Another interesting VPN for torrenting is PureVPN. Created by a dedicated group of security professionals whose main focus is on high quality and security, the network is made up of bare metal servers which are best known for offering excellent bandwidth as well as enhanced security.

This best VPN for torrenting offers high-quality applications with interesting features such as leak protection features, internet kill switch option, encryptions, well as certain other features.

However, session logs are not maintained meaning that you can now seamlessly view access your online content without the fear of your IP address it reaching anyone from the outside world.


  • PureVPN holds the best security standard for a VPN network
  • The network speeds offered by this VPN network are excellent.
  • Multi-hop VPN is supported.
  • PureVPN offers advanced encryption features.
  • A very moderately priced subscription fee


  • Customer support is not very efficient.

#5 IPVanish VPN – Most secure VPN for Torrent & P2P


When it comes to choosing the best VPN for torrenting, one name makes it to every list,IPVanish.IPVanish is a VPN service provider which has been lauded by users globally. It also offers a no log maintenance policy along with added features such as ad blocking along with a strong AES-256 encryption thereby enhancing the security levels of your network.

The servers of this best VPN for torrenting have been specifically fine-tuned for torrenting as well as for P2P downloads. Overall, it’s a great VPN service provider which is best suited for torrenting on a large scale.


  • IPVanish maintains a strict no log maintenance policy
  • The servers of this best VPN for torrenting are well-optimized for streaming and P2P File sharing
  • Security features of this VPN service provider are very strong


  • Online streaming applications like Netflix are not supported.


The above 5 VPNs for torrenting are some of the best in the industry with some much requiredfeatures demanded by torrent users around the world. Not only are they economically priced, they carry some amazing security and encryption features which will help ensure complete anonymity during the entire download process.

What is a torrent?

The concept is rather simple. In technical terms, a torrent is nothing but a computer file which holds the relevant Metadata which holds certain information in it. Every torrent file carries an extension by the name “.torrent” but it does not contain the required contents to be transferred.

A software called Bit Torrent uses the information for “real” distribution. Real Distribution is nothing but the ability for users to download any torrent files to their systems rather easily.

As the entire process is made easier, there could be chances when certain copyright protected information falls in the hand of users unknowingly. This is outlawed in several countries and the consequences of distribution of pirated material is dire in the form of fines and in worst cases, jail time as well. However, this doesn’t mean that all torrents are dangerous. There are the host of different legal torrent sites from where you can download any file of your choice.

This is the reason why most worldwide torrent downloads are done using VPN for torrenting.

How does torrenting work?

The working of a torrent is rather simple. A torrent simply acts as a key which further initiates the download of the content targeted. Sharing of torrent files can be done bydownloading a .torrent file or by directly using a link called as a “Magnet Link”

Bit Torrent is then used to open the link or file. Once the entire torrent file has been scanned by Bit Torrent, it will require the location of the seeders which come along with the corresponding file. In order to achieve this, the software will try to connect to a list of trackers and will then try to initiate a direct connection. Once deemed successful, the download of the required content begins.

However, it is important to note that torrent downloads are in the form of fragments and in reality, the entire content is downloaded in bits and pieces which is then reassembled just like a puzzle to form the complete file.

Where can I find torrents?

Torrents are available on a host of different torrent sites. Though these websites are very popular, they do end up getting shut down by governments. Regardless, mirror torrent sites will pop up from somewhere. The entirereason why this shutting down is taking place is because a majority of the users post illegal and copyright protected content thereby making the entire operation nothing short of piracy.

Hence, choosing the right torrent site to download the content and media from is a must to make sure your privacy is intact. Always keep a heck on the legality of the content on these sites and avoid a possible bogus site which instills piracy.

History of VPN Networks

VPNs were only meant for business earlier on

Before we get into the working of the best VPN for torrenting, it is important to know how they were first created.

As we know that VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks, which were first designed only for large-scale companies whose employees needed to maintain contact with other computer systems located at various locations.

Let us explain this with the help of an example. Consider an example of the Coca-ColaCompanywho has an office situated in say Georgia. This is the place where all of its employee systems are connected to the server system of the company. This connection is established with the use of a mega network of cables. Since these cables are physical in nature and hence, it becomes very difficult for any external hacker to penetrate into this private network. However, in case Coca-Cola wishes to open an office in another location say Australia. Its employees in Georgia will have to establish a connection to the private network of the office in Australia.

Since it’s impractical to run a cable from Georgia to Australia, the companies will have to create Virtual PrivateNetwork which is nothing but a virtual cable which is running between Georgia and Australia. This is how VPNs became popular and a necessity.Every big company earlier on started introducing its own private VPN network so that a connection could be established between its various offices and important files could be shared among its employees working from different locations. Security too isn’t compromised in this case.

How does a VPN connection actually work?

A VPN first creates a virtual cable between the computers and the main server of the network. This cable acts like a tunnel which provides encryption to the data which is made to pass through it.
Not just hackers, but also entities such as ISPs and governments too are kept at bay and hence, cannot view your activity.

Let us now jump into the technicalities of the best VPN for torrenting.

A typical VPN connection has three basic components to it. They are:

Security protocol

Virtual Private Networks make use of a security protocol which further protects the data which is passed through the network and finally through the server.

The connection is made anonymous and private and further encrypts the virtual network to great levels.

Though these security protocols are not as effective as a real private network, they still manage to reach almost 90% of it.

VPNs today make use of a different variety of protocols which finally depend on the final use of the VPN network. In common practice, the most commonly used security protocol is the OpenVPN as it’s certainly one of the best in the business.


Encryption works very closely with the security protocols of a VPN network. This unique feature of a VPN network safeguards your connection by the means of encryption. Even if an outside entity does manage to get hold of your data, deciphering of the data is next to impossible.

The most commonly used VPNs in the market make use of encryptions such as the AES 128-bit and 256-bit. AES is short for Advanced Encryption Standard, which remains one of the most commonly found cipher. As this is easily compatible with most of the VPN protocols, it can be found in most VPN networks.

The key length is assigned using numbers such as 128 and 256 which represent the total possible quantity of possible combinations. To understand this better, even the most powerful supercomputer in the world would take more than hundreds of million years to come up with all the combinations of the AES 128-bit encryption.

VPNs are considered good or bad judging on the encryption they use. Not only does it protect your data, it also keeps away foreign entities from tracking your IP address or even stealing your files as well.


There are a number of servers that a VPN uses. This is practiced because more the variety of servers and locations, better is the quality of the VPN connection.

Finally, why use a VPN network with such technical features?

As already mentioned, whenever you share data over the internet, your IP address is visible to everyone out there. When you send data to the server containing a request. The server then responds with the requested information back to your device. This is the case when you don’t use a VPN connection.

However, when you make use of the best VPN for torrenting, the data from your device is first sent to the server of the VPN network which then forwards it to the target server.

Such exchange of data is a continuous process and when you place a VPN in the middle, the only visible exchange is between the VPN server and the target server. Your IP address always remains hidden and safe from hackers and trackers.

This is the process of anonymity which the best VPNs for torrenting provide. In case you wish to unlock certain sites, you can also tweak your location as well. The only possible way your location could be leaked despite using a VPN network could be if the VPN provider is keeping a watch on you, which is highly unlikely in most cases.

How can VPN be used for torrenting?

A VPN for torrenting is nothing but a virtual private network which is used to maintain privacy and security when you try to download torrent files from online. VPN helps in establishing a virtual tunnel between your device and the target website thereby making sure that your IP address is hidden and remain virtually anonymous during the whole download process. The best benefits of VPN when used for torrenting is that it conceals your identity while you access files along with other benefits.

A VPN for torrenting also protects your data with the help of complicated security protocols and encryptions. When a miscreant tries to break into your system, all they will get is a computer coded version of the information which is ciphered.

The best VPN for torrenting not only keeps your identity under check but also gives you the freedom to download your favorite TV shows and movies from virtually any corner of the planet.

As the number of VPN service providers are in their thousands in the market, we shall be introducing you to a certain few which we feel are the best VPNs for torrenting and for other uses as well. Read on to find out more!

How to choose a VPN for p2p

There are different types of VPNs in the market. Most of them go to any length to maintain the privacy of its users. Some torrents are meant for torrenting while some are meant for p2p file sharing. In this section, we shall be discussing the factors to be kept in mind before choosing the best VPN for p2p file sharing.

The 3 factors to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Make sure that VPN service providers do not maintain a log of any kind.
  • Make sure that p2p file sharing is supported by the VPN service provider.
  • Make sure the VPN is very fast.

Apart from the above three factors, make sure you also consider factors such as pricing, software support, etc.

How do you choose the best VPN for torrenting?

Criteria 1: Privacy and logging policy of the VPN network

One of the most important criteria to be considered while choosing the best VPN for torrents, the logging policy of any VPN network should be such that no log is maintained as such for more than 24 hours. This could lead to a potential privacy leak and could lead to your original IP address being given out without your consent.

Hence, make sure that you only consider VPN networks which do not maintain any sort of records of your IP address or the data log when you are connected to the VPN network. Most of the best VPNs for torrenting in the market do not keep any log records as such.

Non-maintenance of logs is a necessity. Suppose a third person wants to create a match of the VPNs IP address with that of a specific user. With the help of session logs, the third person can easily see which IP address has been assigned to which IP address. As a result, your entire activity along with your IP address could be reported to the concerned organizations landing you in uncalled for trouble.

With the absence of a session log, such a matching is not possible thereby living up to the original motive of using a VPN for torrenting to maintain IP address anonymity. If, however, the VPN provider doesn’t keep any logs or session data – > there is no way to match a VPN IP address to a specific person or account. That’s the real advantage of a non-logging VPN.

A good quality VPN network free from logging includes the following:

  • Torguard
  • Ivacy
  • Private Internet access
  • Purevpn

Criteria 2: Does the VPN network allow p2p?

While certain VPNs for torrenting claim that they allow p2p sharing, they end up banning accounts which do so. Such fake promising VPNs also maintain logs lasting more than 30 days.

VPNs such as, expressVPN are all good VPN networks which allow p2p file sharing and also do not maintain an activity log.

Criteria 3: Speed of the VPN Network

Network speed is best enjoyed when it’s fast. Though using a VPN drastically decreases your nitro speed, but by choosing the best VPN for torrenting, you can expect a maximum speed drop of about 10-20 % which is really good.

Criteria 4: Bandwidth

Throttling of the bandwidth is somewhat of a challenge for torrenters out there. There are certain VPN networks which drop the download speed after the data limit has been reached. This is usually done to avoid overloading of the VPN servers. This can really ruin your experience and result in a very low-grade download experience. Hence, it is advised to choose VPN networks which allow throttling of the bandwidth.

Criteria 5: Security Protocol

Security protocols are a mandatory oar of every VPN network in order to provide an anonymous and secure torrenting experience for the users. Tunneling protocols such as L2TP/IPsec protocols are equipped with 256-bit encryption thereby ensuring high protection when you seed or leech torrents from multiple torrent websites. Do not go for VPN networks which use the PPTP protocol which only offers a 128-bit basic encryption protection. This is not preferred when it comes to torrenting. Only opt for VPN networks which offer L2TP/IPsec protocol.

Criteria 6: Payment Options available

Never choose a VPN for torrenting which doesn’t offer anonymous payment options. Certain VPN networks ask for critical payment details like credit card details and other related information. Hence choose the best VPN for torrenting which supports anonymous payment modes such as Bitcoin. It also guarantees anonymity along added safety during transactions.

Criteria 7: Wide Spread Servers Locations

The best VPN for torrenting will always have designated dotted servers spread across various regions. If it is limited to just one country, server congestion could be an issue which will result in the sluggish download of torrents. In order to avoid this, make sure you opt for a server near to your region which will guarantee a seamless torrenting experience with no speed issues as such.

Criteria 8: Policy for Data Logging

Data logging policies of VPN networks can be found as part of their hidden terms and conditions. Certain VPN networks are known for maintaining the online activity log of your browsing activity and chances are high that they hand over this data to law enforcement agencies which could mean trouble for anyone downloading torrents.

However, the best VPN for torrenting avoid such activities and do not maintain any log as such. They also provide maximum anonymity couple with added safety to all its subscribers.

Criteria 9: Internet Kill Switch

An added feature of high-quality VPN networks is the internet kill switch. It makes sure that the IP address of the user is not leaked to the internet. In order to ensure the protection of the identity, the best VPN for torrenting kills the internet connection thereby restricting no data traffic to come in or go out of your device.

However, with the absence of this feature, chances are that your device automatically connects to the internet without a VPN to mask your IP address. This will, in turn, leave you vulnerable to cyber-attacks, government surveillance, etc. even if the VPN network connection disconnects for a matter of a few minutes. Hence, it is always advised to choose a VPN which has the feature to kill the internet.

Criteria 10: NAT Firewall

Elaborated as Network Address Translation, the main function of the NAT is to modify the IP address of your computer into packet headers. This is done in order to ensure that these headers can then be routed to the desired destination. In layman terms, the NAT firewall assigns a unique IP address to your device so that it allows only recognized devices to connect to your network and restricts access to unauthorized devices.

It protects your PC by discarding IP packets which can be deemed as malicious. Whenever a connection is established between the VPN tunnel between your device and the VPN server, the tunnel passes through the NAT firewall. This ensures that no data is readable by the NAT Firewall. Hence, opt for the best VPN for torrents which ensures the presence of a NAT firewall thereby filtering all the traffic which passes through it.

Criteria 11: Port Forwarding

Despite the benefits of having a NAT firewall, users have reported issues when it comes to torrenting and p2p sharing. A NAT firewall can reduce the speed of your connection drastically. However, this issue can be addressed with the help of port forwarding which allows the torrent data to pass through a certain port in the NAT firewall. Hence, opt for a certain VPN for torrenting which offers the port forwarding feature thereby allowing seamless download of torrents on your device.

What is a Paid Virtual Private Network?

As discussed earlier, the benefits of using a VPN for torrenting are immense. However, is it free to use or do we have to pay for it? We shall answer these questions in this section by discussing the difference between paid and free VPNs for torrenting.

How is a free VPN different from a paid VPN?

There are a wide variety of VPN providers which claim to be free and also promise to deliver a host of interesting features. However, they are all a way of marketing and fail to deliver the intended features which are only offered by paid VPNs for torrenting. Paid VPNs offer unparalleled security features, good speed and the best of customer service which free VPNs fail to provide. In this section, we shall be discussing the subtle differences between a paid and free VPN for torrenting.


In case of many free VPNs out there, they do not follow safe and secure protocols. They use a protocol called as the PPTP VPN. This protocol has been the worst when it comes to data security. Paid VPNs for torrenting use far more superior protocols which will help tunnel your connection more securely. Despite using a free VPN, you will still not be entirely secure from potential issues like identity theft and data leak. Hence, paid VPNs for torrenting are always preferable.


The verdict is simple. Free VPNs are less reliable in comparison to paid VPNs. Free VPNs make use of servers which are outdated and the limit of the resources is less as well. In order to truly protect yourself from any maliciouscyber-attack, it is always best to opt for a VPN network which is more reliable in all aspects. Only a paid VPN network can guarantee you high levels of reliability.


Everyone wants downloading to happen rather quickly. A good VPN network will always allow faster download speeds, swift connection to a remote server, etc. The entire process of connecting to a VPN network must be hassle free and mustn’t take forever. Only a paid VPN service provider is capable of doing that. Thespeeds offered by free VPNs are usually unstable and can get cumbersome over time. If you’re looking for a swift and uninterrupted torrenting experience, it’s always best to opt for a paid VPN in order to med the above-stated conditions and demands.

Customer Support

Unparalleled customer care support is the key to a successful business. Where it be a B2C or a B2B type of business, resolving of customer related issues is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers. The concept of customer support doesn’t exist for free VPNs for torrenting. This may result in the entire process to appear scary as there’s no one to resolve even the most basic of issues. A paid VPN for torrents will allow you to interact with customer care executives who are available for your service at any time of the day. There may be a certain esoteric aspect of using a VPN for torrenting and these executives can help you navigate through them with relative ease.


The entire motive of using a paid VPN for torrenting is to enjoy anonymity while you download your favorite movies and TV shows online. You certainly don’t want an external entity or government to keep a check on your online activity. Not only is this privacy issue but a security issue as well. Though paid VPNs for torrenting can be expensive, but they ensure guaranteed protection of your critical data such as payment information, billing address etc. However, this still could pose a certain risk and this is one of the few drawbacks of paid VPNs for torrenting. However, practices are changing and you can now pay your subscription fee in the form of cryptocurrencies which in itself is a decentralized digital currency.

Though free VPN networks allow you to enjoy their services free of charge they will not guarantee you the anonymity when it comes to the bigger picture, i.e. protection of your IP address and session logging.

Number of Servers

Another important factor to be considered is the number of server’s part of the VPN network. More the number of servers, faster is the torrenting experience. It is always desired to use a VPN for torrenting which has a large number of designated server in every region around the world. This is only possible with paid VPN networks. Free VPNs boast only a handful of serves and all concentrated at a few locations around the world. Hence, only paid VPNs have a large number of servers and this will certainly help you choose between a paid or free VPN network for your torrenting activities.

What is a VPN IP Leak?

The main motive for using the best VPN for torrenting is to remain completely anonymous which can be done by hiding your IP address from the outside world. A good quality VPN network masks your IP address with the help of certain encryptions and security protocols.

Whereas, a bad quality VPN network leaves you vulnerable to the problem of IP Leak. IP Leak is nothing but a situation where your IP address is leaked out to the outside world despite you being connected to the VPN network. Hence, it’s important to segregate which VPNs protect you from an IP Leak and which do not.

You can always test whether your VPN for torrenting protects your online privacy or not. Here is one way of doing it:

  • Disconnect your VPN provider in case you’re using it currently.
  • Make sure you point to the browser to the site being tested.
  • Note down the public IP address.
  • Visit the same page but now after connecting to the VPN network.
  • Note down the current IP address of the test page. If it shows the same IP address as in the first steps, there’s a chance that your VPN network is leaking your IP address.
  • However, if the new IP address is different, you are secured and your IP address will remain anonymous from the public and government’s eye.



Alternatives to torrents

In case you don’t wish to take the risky route of watching your favorite TV shows and music on your device, there are a host of alternatives available on the internet. Below are a few prominent ones:

Kodi VPN

Kodi is an online based open source media streaming platform which allows you to watch movies, listen to music, etc. with the help of Kodi add-ons. It consists of both official and unofficial add one which allows you to enjoy free media material which is open source and copyright free.

Popcorn Time VPN

This software is based entirely on torrents. One of the best features of Popcorn Time is that it streams the media file while the file is downloading.


Often considered as the future of online media streaming, Netflix is a great way to view your content online. All the media content on the platform is easy to view and all by just paying a monthly subscription fee. It is hassle free and very convenient thereby making it a great alternative to torrenting.

Stremio VPN

Stremio too is an online media streaming platform. However, it is different from Kodi in terms of ease of installation and quick opening of media content. You can either purchase access to media content on Amazon Prime or just watch the content for free using Stremio add-ons.


Throughout the article, we have stressed the importance of the benefits of using a VPN network while torrenting. The best VPN for torrenting ensures that your IP address is concealed and isn’t revealed to the outside world no matter what. This ensures data security and also helps you avoid unnecessary problems with government officials.

All the VPN networks mentioned in this article are of very high quality and certainly are the best VPNs for torrenting on your device.


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