The Best Black Friday VPN Deals: NordVPN, PureVPN, Ivacy More

VPN Black Friday Deals and How to Shop Safe

The beginning of November is another step closer towards Christmas. Mostly, people are planning for Thanksgiving and subsequently for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, respectively. Black Friday shopping marks the last holiday before Christmas, so it has certain significance from both retailers’ perspective and masses.

You cannot take these sales lightly. People stand in long queues in order for Black Friday sales to go live. Why do you ask? Because the discounts are insane! You will find discounts ranging from gadgets, electronics to clothing and VPN deals – pretty much everything for everyone.

It is thus, advisable during the shopping fiesta to prepare your lists and have them ready. You cannot decide at the last moment and hope that everything will fall in place.

From the time when sales go live, the items start to run out. When you have a list handy waiting to grab and avail deals, you make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – not come out the other end, empty-handed.

While all is well during this season, you cannot argue with the need for a decent VPN service. The shopping fiesta can prove to be detrimental if you are not careful. Your financial data and credit card information is at risk.

Data snoopers, especially, are active and can trick you into believing that a fake website is real. Phishing URLs are quite common, and you can in all confidence enter your details such as bank information and passwords without knowing that it’s trap.

It is not meant to scare you rather is aimed at educating you and how you can develop preventive mechanisms as a result. It is possible that you are not a tech enthusiast or does not attach much weight to VPNs. If it sounds like you, then read on because the timing couldn’t be perfect to capitalize on VPN deals.

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1. Ivacy Black Friday Deal – 77% Off


Ivacy VPN happens to be the most desirable VPN you will come across on the occasion of Black Friday/Cyber Monday and in general. Ivacy has in store for you astounding plans that will simply blow you away!

You can avail a 3-year Ivacy subscription for a price of two years. So when you opt for a two-year plan, you get the protection for another year, FREE! On top of that Ivacy is offering 77% off which means a subscription of $239 will only be for a mere price of $54. Exciting isn’t it?

This Black Friday, you can expect great discounts by clicking the discount link therein. When availing this offer, you will naturally be NOT paying the normal $9.95 but $2.25 a month. And if you thought this was it, then think again as Ivacy has slashed prices on each of its plan by 87%

Happy Shopping folks! Oh, and did we mention there is a separate surprise coming your way on Cyber Monday. Well, now you know.


2. NordVPN Deal – 75% Off


If you are looking discounts on other VPNs other than Ivacy, then NordVPN should be your pick. You get to avail 75% discount on Nord’s three-year plan on Black Friday. NordVPN always has some lucrative deals up its sleeve and its time you experience them not only regarding pricing but in terms of services, downloading and browsing speed.

Get a VPN subscription for $2.99 a month whereas the normal pricing rests at $11.95/month.


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3. IPVanish – Black Friday Coupon


Through Nov 21-27, 2018 IPVanish users can avail a deal for $3.33/month on its bi-annual plan. IPVanish also happens to be one of the notable VPNs out there. The subscriber base is huge, and the VPN offers amazing speeds!

This Black Friday you can get the IPVanish deal at $3.33 per month when it is normally available at $11.99 a month. The offer is short-lived and won’t last long. So hurry!


4. PureVPN Black Friday Deal – 73% Off


Similarly, PureVPN isn’t behind either. The plan is up for grabs at a discounted price of $2.99 per month than routine, otherwise billed at $10.95 a month. So avail the discount and bid farewell to online worries during the Black Friday shopping fiesta.


5. ExpressVPN – 49% Discounted Deal


Who hasn’t heard of ExpressVPN? If this isn’t the best VPN, we don’t know what else is? The enticing offer includes a 49% discount on their yearly subscription and also, provides three months of free VPN protection when you opt for it.

When you look at it, you pay $6.67 per month instead of $11.95 a month. If this doesn’t serve as a hook there is nothing else that will mind you. You pay for 12 months instead of 15 months. Just a perspective, so shouldn’t be missed out. We certainly wouldn’t!


6. CyberGhost VPN – 77% Off


Not only CyberGhost is offering 77% off on its VPN service but is also offering six months free service upon subscribing to their annual plan. This VPN has a user base of 10 million, and you can count on it any day. Also, you get 45 days money back guarantee. What more could you ask!?

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Get this deal for a discounted price of $2.75 a month as opposed to $11.99. You can get CyberGhost for both your PC and smartphones. Bask in the glory of Black Friday while it lasts!


7. LeVPN – 70% Discount Deal


Black Friday/Cyber Monday will run from 23rd November to 26th November. You can get their two-year plan for $69.60 or $2.90 per month. That’s 70% off which is saying something!


A Word to the Wise

While we educate you on the subject matter of how crucial a VPN is during the season, it is equally imperative that you learn about fake VPN deals which are circulating the internet. Remember to always shop from a trusted website or from a website of which you are sure.

1. Never Fall for Bundle Offers

It is easier to take fancy to bundled offers where the price is also ridiculously low. These offers are often highly promoted on blogs and other platforms. Gauge the authenticity of that website first.

For instance, if we talk about Ivacy VPN, the said VPN service has been rated by Trustpilot a whopping 9.6 which is acceptable given the authority of Trustpilot as a review website. So the rule of thumb is, do thorough research.

2. Ask Around Just To Be Sure

The rule applies to life in general and particularly when shopping for consumer items. The same applies to when buying VPN deals. Ask around by getting a word from review websites and expert bloggers that have cemented themselves as an authority in the said niche. That way you will be able to take an informed decision.

All the best!

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