KickAss Torrents is Back and resurrected by KickAss torrents Community

Beware Torrent users without a VPN!
Yes, KickassTorrent is back and here we present to you the new site of kickasstorrent. We all know how the kickasstorrent owner got arrested and how torrenting without a VPN is a dangerous stunt to pull in this day and years. Hide your online torrenting with one of the best torrent vpn from below:


kickass torrent is back

KickAss torrent the most popular torrent website is again back after the owner was arrested few days ago. After all of the domains of KickAss torrents were seized there was speculation that Kick Ass Torrent would never re-surfaced. Wrong! It’s not merely a website that you can shut down with one click. It’s the KickAss torrent family in the hood of “kickasstorrrents community”.

KickAss Torrents site became alive again by some discrete KAT community members opened the KAT mirror with what they had left in their hands. The mirror site has all torrent database before it was shut down earlier this week. So you will get all movies, tv series, games torrent files as it is before original KickAss Torrents site was down.

The new OFFICIAL KickAss Torrents site is the following:

This is the new Kickass site 2018. We checked the site for possible problem that you may encounter on any mirror site. Some Kickass Torrents mirror site contains adware/malware in torrent files. This mirror site doesn’t contain any malware.

Driven by Kickass torrents fan like you we checked it’s functionality. We found that the sign in and login function is not working. This is because the site owner might not have the official codebase.

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Kickass Torrents community is back with the official moderators

The official moderators of the KickAss torrents site resurrected the community page with login/sign-up functionality intact.

KickAss torrent may be down but the KickAss torrent “family” is back in action. The main power of the KickAss torrents site was it’s active community and millions of active users. This was not merely “another” torrent site but for some it was their “virutal home”.

Earlier this week, the department of Homeland security did take down all official kickass torrents domain along with it’s server.

So the official KickAss Torrent forum moderators created a new website with all the previous staffs now maintaining the site.

Official KickAssTorrents Forum/Community

Among the official kickasstorrents team, the person who identified himself as Mr.Black said that the arrest of the owner won’t affect the kickasstorrents community.

According to Mr. Black

“We need to remember that Kickass Torrents is not simply about uploading, the heart and soul of KAT is our members, which are family and family is important as we all know. Nothing can ever take that away and no matter what happens we will not let our community down.”

“We guarantee that KAT will continue in one form or another and we will come back stronger than ever,” Mr.Black further explains the comeback of the site

Mr.Prairi3DoG created the forum and it already gathered thousands of visitors in the forum. Although the KickAsstorrents moderators are present in the forum, it does not mean the torrent files will be uploaded there as well.

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kickasstorrent community

Though these moderators and admins previously made the official kat site clean by moderating the forum posts, they currently don’t have contact with the alleged “owner” of the kickasstorrents site.

If and only if kickasstorrents has “owners” [yes in plural] and if they want to resurrect the KAT site then the remaining KAT moderators will give their hundred percent and work hand to hand – said the KAT team (moderators and admins).

Mr. Black says.

“Should the business owners choose to revive KAT then they will have our full support.”

This forum will currently give a place for the KAT users to write and share in the event of their favorite site’s demise. Although already many kickass torrents alternative site are now present and you can try them for your torrent files.

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So as the official site is down we presented here two websites to fulfill the emptiness of the kickass Torrents site. The mirror site will server the torrent files and the community forum site will help you to engage with the users and moderators of the original kickAss torrents site.

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  1. joe o sullivan says

    When viewing these mirror sites, it’s so sad to see the last forum threads, frozen in time like something out of Pompeii. Did ‘olderthangod’ know that his “I’m having a rant, and I dont give a rat’s ass..” would be stuck there on the Blogroll for months? Thousands of people seeing the title and never knowing what he was ranting about?
    It’s tragic…

    • rosie says

      that’s absolutely hilarious

      • Charlie Brown says

        Tic pou tic brei charlie brown

  2. Mehul Boricha says

    Kickass is one of the best torrent directory where everything is sorted and arranged in a beautiful banner. I’m glad that it is back and hope that it will be keep that way.

  3. lipae says

    What is the purpose of this photography, if there’s no function? Only nostalgia?

  4. Fraulein says

    I really miss KickAss. Can’t seem to find it anywhere . I have been trying for months to find Bonanza season 6 and 7 without any luck. The quality just doesn’t seem to be out there now. Either it downloads a bit and then stops or its in another language. All the torrent sites seem to post the same torrents with the same hash number. No good to me no matter where I go. When Kickass was around I never had to look any further. Its a shame that this world has to be such a greedy, greedy place. Money, money, money. Whatever happened to treating people the way you want to be treated? Sue for this and sue for that. Like these people who do these movies don’t earn enough? They seem to have more than enough for each wedding and divorce that they go through every two or three years. My rant for today. lol

    • Hi Fraulein,
      We have added lots of torrent sites link on our blog. Could you try them one by one? I hope you will love them.
      And I completely understand your frustration. But know that, the movie industry is greedy as hell.

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