How to Earn Money on YouTube – Fully Explained

When anyone wants to earn money online they seek easy way to earn money online. Many of them choose blogging as the source of their online income. All thinks about Online Earning on different ways. Some mistakenly goes for blogging as its very appealing.

Besides someone tries to find an exciting way of Online earning that is fun to them and also earns a lot of money. Youtube can be your source of income if you know how to utilize the potential of YouTube. YouTube is no longer “Just another video sharing site” . It has become more of that.

I have created this Tutorial to give you basic instructions on “How to Earn Money on YouTube”. If you want to earn quick money say from today then you are on the right place. Read rest of this post to understand how you can earn money on YouTube.

Advantages of Earning money on YouTube :

No investment is required

Yes, you don’t need to pay for anything. For example if you were to earn money from blogging you first needed to spend money on Buying Domain and Hosting. But YouTube is free and all maintenance is done by Google which is a plus point.

Start Earning from the first day

This is another advantage of choosing YouTube as your online earning source. Yes, its true that you can start earning money from the very first day. Just visit YouTube and sign up. If you already have a gmail account then you will not need to sign up for YouTube separately. Now upload one unique video (this can be any video which does not violate terms and conditions of Adsense or Youtube).

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Adsense and YouTube a Great combination

So how you will earn money from YouTube? We will use Google Adsense to show some ads on our videos when someone watches them. For this you will need approved Adsense account. Don’t have an Adsense account? Just apply for one through YouTube. It’s very easy to get Adsense account when you apply it for your YouTube videos and get one in less than 3 hours.

Large number of audiences

YouTube has huge amount of visitors that means your video is ready to jump over the drive of success in a very short period of time. Visitors are the biggest asset of YouTube. You can earn 4 figure amount every month as like others if you can catch eye of a large number of viewers. You know there are many students/learner roam over YouTube to learn different things. You can make Video Tutorial for these people. Once you get a large number of hit your earning will start to multiply.

Youtube supports videos of any Format and Categories. So these are the greatest advantage of YouTube.

how to earn youtube video

Now we will look on the deep of this idea.

Exclusive Tips to get the most money out of YouTube

This is not like you upload some video and sleep thinking that the next day you will see hundreds of Dollars coming on your wallet. Don’t just work hard. Work smartly. So follow the following tips and maximize your online earning.

Give a great title

Don’t choose boring terms for your video title. Make it attractive. You know how first impression is important. Video title is your first impression on the visitor . Make it unique so that the visitors want to watch your video.

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For Example:
Good title : 5 AMAZING tips you must know before you monetize your video
Bad title : earn cash from video


Add as many tags you can. Because often people use YouTube’s search bar to find their favourite keywords. So don’t miss any related tags that may help them to find what they are looking for. Related tags thus increases your number of audiences. You know the more audience the more hits on your video and the more money from Adsense.


After tags , description will help you to earn maximum from YouTube. Description should be pointed. You should add all the information needed to explain about the video so visitors will be curious to watching the videos. You can also add your website URL on the top of description. This will help you to drive more visitors from YouTube.


Thumbnails is the small sized image which will glorify your video. How do they earn money from YouTube? They choose thumbnails carefully that will attract the visitors.

Be the first to Upload it

Usually the first one uploaded gets much more views than the later ones. So if you find out any idea don’t hesitate to upload it to YouTube before its too late.

Affiliate Program

This is another trick that many tried and they never failed. Impress your visitor to buy a product and add your affiliate link on the end of the video and be sure that you will be paid if someone follow your link and buys the product.

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At the last of my post, I want to suggest you to choose a niche and have proper research on it. Because without having proper and vast knowledge on the specific area you can’t get success in the long run.


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  2. Alex Norton says

    Hi Marvin, but how we can get approval for adsense as their rules has been changed and now it has become more difficult to get approved for newbies due to new google policies, how to tackle this problem? I am new youtuber and have not enough knowledge how to promote channel and it will take me 3 year to get approval from google adsense for youtube. I am looking for some alternatives to monetise channel and planning to use affiliate platforms who provide some links to post in video description and comments. What best platform you can suggest, I also have suggestions for revglue’s solution,, but couldn’t conclude yet how i can finalise one best affiliate platform. Advise on the matter please, thanks

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