5 Quick Ways to Earn Extra Money

Earning extra money is a trending topic around the world. Because of Scams and Cheats that hindered many people to trust online earning techniques. But there are still many legitimate and quick ways to make money online.

There is not any shortcut to be rich. You might want to know quick ways not fake ones to earn extra cash every month.

Lets have a look on these 5 quick ways to earn extra money:

1) Get paid by Completing Online surveys:

This is indeed a very easy way. A survey may take 10 or 15 minutes to complete. You should join any of the online survey sites and complete your profile. You will be given a limited number of surveys to complete either day to day basis or by sending a confirmation email from the site.

The amount you will get by completing each survey varies site to site and it also depends on the quality of the survey (Anywhere between $1 to $50).

Avoid Scam Survey sites

You should not spend your valuable time on Scam sites. Follow these rules and identify scam sites:

  • Asking for premium membership fee
  • Asking for your personal information like your Social Security Number or Your Credit card number
  • Website missing privacy policy
  • Does not have any information about how to collect your rewards
  • Strange amount of Withdraw threshold

Some popular Survey sites:

Maximize your online earning:

  • Join as many survey sites as you can and work on all of them so that you can get much money in a short period of time
  • Some websites send invitation email , try not be late because if you miss it others will take it right away.
  • Update your profile frequently because it displays your skill
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2) Get paid for spending your time online:

Do you know there are some sites that pay you to read e-mails, to research something , to complete a short task like signing up for them or helping them to get more social network exposure. Microworkers , Volition.com are some of them.

3) Test websites and earn money:

There some Sites which pay money if you test websites. Website owners want to know if their site is user friendly and there is not any mistake in the navigation design. Also its very important to know if their site is mobile friendly. Try Usertesting.com . It pays $10 per website test and $15 per Mobile test.
5 Quick Ways to Earn Extra Money

4) Complete Simple tasks offered by Amazon Mechanical Turk:

Many well established Companies want you to do some very simple tasks through Amazon Mechanical Turk. There are various type of jobs available like helping their business projects or research works, writing product reviews , transcriptions and pays immediately.

5) Be a Tutor and Earn money

Are you a good at mathematics, science or chemistry ? Then you can try part time tuition for earning some extra bucks. You can advertise at Library, Coffee shop or Campuses so that Parents can easily see. Or you can be a tutor online and earn money. Try Tutor.com

So these are some 5 quick ways to earn extra money. If you try all of them continuously then you can obviously earn a handsome amount of money. If you have any kind of questions then don’t hesitate to use the comment section

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