This site shows what you are downloading via torrent

Unsurprisingly, BitTorrent is not anonymous: your application certainly has a feature that shows the IPs of all people downloading the same file. But a site decided to make it even more wide open: I Know What You Download brings together all the downloads made by the same IP – and even lets you find out what your friends downloaded.


I Know What You Download collects data crawling torrent indexers and also through the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) protocol, used by BitTorrent clients to find out where to download the files without the need of a tracker. The service already collects information from 460,000 torrents, downloaded by 70 million unique IPs in the last month alone.

To see the list of what you downloaded, go to the site , which automatically detects your IP. There is also a feature to find out what another person downloaded without her noticing: this generates a shortened link from, which silently directs you to a page of I Know What You Download to capture the IP and then to a site of your choice .

At TorrentFreak , marketing director Andrey Rogov claims that the site was created “for promotional purposes and as a demonstration of the company’s capabilities.” The company behind the site has partnerships to provide information to copyright holders, advertising platforms and law enforcement agencies, and may even provide additional evidence to ensure that a download is linked to a particular IP.

How to hide your torrent traffic completely?

To hide your torrent traffic you must use one of the best torrent vpn that we have listed below:

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When you use a VPN your all traffic including torrent download becomes completely invisible and your ISP, Network Administrator, or Govt. agency can never know what you are doing online. You can read more about torrenting anonymous guide.

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