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Czech Cloud Torrenting Service Startup Introduces Advanced, Cloud Based Technology for Downloading Torrents. is all set to change the way most of the people download torrents. Capable of downloading torrents on their servers, is now opening up a world of opportunities for users.
download torrent to cloud, a cloud torrenting service provider, is now ready to make headlines with their extraordinary way of downloading torrents. downloads torrents to their cloud based servers, without slowing down shared internet networks. Users can play their downloaded torrents online in HD with subtitles directly in their browser or in smartphone or tablet. Since everything runs on servers, this user friendly technology provides an excellent alternative for users to watch their favorite videos in work or at school.

With a highly effective combination of torrent client and cloud storage, relieves users from installing desktop torrent client. Users are only required to choose what they want to download to their cloud. Another great feature of is that it is capable of downloading even when the computer is switched off. also takes care of data security as all connections are encrypted, and files are automatically checked by an antivirus. Moreover, no user data is stored by Besides credit card and PayPal, users can also pay for their services by Bitcoin.

During the official launch of this extraordinary cloud torrenting service, the Chief Marketing Officer of Filip Svoboda said, “We are proud to have come up with a torrenting service that will prove to be a game changer very soon. This new service will address all the limitations we face now while downloading torrents.”

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About is a Czech cloud torrenting service startup that has just launched a cutting edge torrenting technology. More information about the company and their service can be found at


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