Is KickAssTorrents down ? What Happened to KickAssTorrent site?

KickassTorrents domains not working after alleged owner is arrested in Poland

kickass torrent down

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The world’s largest bittorrent network site KickAssTorrent is down. The US Justice Department took step against it’s owner Artem Vaulin who is from Ukraine but living in Poland for many years. US asked Poland to hand him over. The alleged owner is charged against several copyright infringement case by the Hollywood industry. The access of the KickAssTorrent is currently blocked and all domains are seized.

KickAssTorrent operates on multiple domains. In previous crackdown we saw when one domain is blocked it switched to another domain from another country within moment. But as the owner of the site is now arrested the future of the site is currently uncertain.

You can check the below sites which has similar design and functions as of the KickAssTorrents site:

5 KickAssTorrent Alternatives/ sites similar to KickAssTorrents

KickAssTorrents alternative

Why KickAss Torrent KAT is down?

Torrent distributor site like KickAss torrent distributes copyright materials like Movies, TV series, Premium Softwares etc. which is illegal. We previously saw ThePirateBay site was down. In that time, KickAss Torrent came to the rescue by making the torrent database online so that any one can create their own PirateBay site. But unfortunately, years later KickAssTorrent itself is now under the hand of the US Justice Department.

KickAss Torrent owner is charged against distributing $1 billion in copyrighted materials

Vaulin is now facing the case against him for violating the copyright laws and ignoring DMCA notices. Usually Hollywood studios send DMCA notice to the infringement sites like KICKASSTORRENT. It was seen in the legal page of KickAssTorrent that they asked the DMCA notice senders the proof that the content that is linked in KickAssTorrent is actually theirs and they held the copyright properly. Seldom KickAssTorrent deletes the content from their site. From KickAss Torrent’s view they don’t store any of the files in their servers. They give full freedom to the users to use their technology for anything they want and thus KickAssTorrent won’t held responsible for what the users share using BitTorrent technology.

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Protect your privacy and security while torrenting :

After the shutdown of KickAssTorrent the torrent users should know how the owner was caught. First the owner’s email ID was collected by the FBI when an undercover agent contacted him for advertisement. Then when the owner of the KickAssTorrent made a payment in Apple’s store, BOOM! He got caught. The IP address traced back to him in Poland. Police went there and arrested him. POOR THING!!

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So KickAssTorrent is now down because of the police and the site owner is now arrested. It is unclear if the site will ever be up because all of it’s domains are now seized and taken down by the Copyright Gangs. Only time will tell if KickAss torrent can rise from the ashes like Phoenix. Don’t forget to leave your comment below about what do you think why KickAssTorrent is down and why it should not be taken down as we all perish the freedom of the Internet Citizens.

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  1. esdeej says

    It’s wrong that real artists authors are losing what they deserve. On the other hand torrent sharing is the global unite of Internet citizen. We seed or leech its a relationship or a bond within digital network of people.

    • Marvin Alex says

      Thanks for your comment!

    • The BB says


    • Spiritoftruth says

      It not wrong, society is wrong. Mankind should not even have money and will be held accountable for not using their talents to serve one another. God does not see torrents as stealing and does not support the aggressive push of the greedy company’s. Share and copy all you like, mankind owns nothing and will soon find out hard way when the time comes this world is punished for it sins and that includes those of big organisations like Hollywood charging people for movies to begin with.

      • phil donahue says

        How the hell do you know what God does or doesn’t “see”? I’m an atheist, but that’s blasphemy amigo. Major sin in any Christian religion.

    • crumrugin says

      It is the same as a library is it not? Libraries carry copies that the public can view because they are poor. what is the difference?

      • Marvin Alex says

        Nice Analogy there, Mate!!

      • leobull says

        The government protect copywrigths and at the same time protect al-quaeda,isis and all the crazy people that shoot cops that is the rule

      • Alex says

        A library is a wealth of knowledge that can and should be taken advantage of by all sorts of people. Not just the poor.

    • Ian says

      Torrent downloading is for the people who can not afford the luxury of these items. Paying the demand price, why pay for something when you can get it for free. Marketing and Government demanding, They say bend over we take up the ass. Who has the money to pay €2000 on a programme which will only work on one machine. They should of left it up not take the person in charge to jail. Someone else with a better mind will make a new make site. That day will come soon.

      • lauraine visser says

        i agree in south africa no movies to see sites always helps us to see new movies

        • Ansie de Beer says

          If we can’t download here in SA, we are cut of from entertainment. Not a lot of shows air in SA.

    • JoshATA says

      I don’t think torrents are fair, my dad said once that i can’t download them because i might get viruses. So i think its a good thing kickasstorrents is gone.. (DELETE THEPIRATEBAY TOO..)

  2. Warren says

    Kick ass torrent did comply with dmca takedown so we all know hope someone rescue the site

  3. Dan says

    These criminal charges should be dropped becuase none of the servers actually held any data other than links to hosting computers around the world. Also he shouldn’t be charged because if he’s charge under U.S he’s protected by the File Sharing Act. Apple is a hypocrite when it came to protecting personal data. they’d rather protect a terrorist then a file sharing activist data because it hurts them personally. Two faced Apple. Never buying an Apple product ever again.

  4. tets_meddy says

    Kickass torrent is not down but it is on other alternate domain. so if you want to use than find by it self..

    • Ipcress09 says

      where is it?

      • Div says try this.hope it works

        • Flying_Bat says

          nope it doesnt work. sorry.

        • Natalia says

          Thank you so much! It does work! I hope won’t get down any time soon 🙂

  5. Francisco says

    Kickass was great indeed and I hope it will be up again soon. But that doesn’t matter as there are lots of torrent sites, torrenting will never stop.

    • Victor says

      Its up at (they had a lot of domains and this one didn’t got shut down)

      • kryptoxy says

        Thanks a lot mate 🙂

  6. Brandon Palm says

    I was chocked that kickass was shut down… Cause I had some movies from the 80`s -90`s that I wanted my kids to see 🙂 specally anime from the states and Japan 🙂

    I sure hope that the site will rise like the stars light up the heaven =)

  7. Jsx says

    What the hell now I’m going to have to pay for HBO when I just watch one show on that channel but it is my favorite show don’t care about the politics just think that sucks

  8. Alliyah says

    It’s worrying. If they done this to KAT then they will do it to the others.

  9. Eva says

    Ban Apple! It seems to me that it is more important to combat pirating than terrorism, trafficing, drugs and a lot of other crimes. Torrenting is a part of an international community and I don´t think most young people on the web haven´t ever downloaded anything, including the children of those who outlaw them. And I think things popular to download sell more, because people talk about them and they get known to a bigger audience. You can´t download a movie-saloon or go to a concert be downloading. I don´t think torrent sites ever will stop – and I hope not!

    • annoyed says

      I agree they fought hard to protect a terrorist.
      The credit card details of a guy who made a database is free game though.
      I wonder if they would let me have a few it doesn’t sound like it was hard.

  10. nepolean says

    plz oh god save kickass

  11. Ipcress09 says

    Long Live Kickass – file sharing promotes the artists and encourages people to buy the goods after they have sampled – they are greedy ass money grabbing conglomerates who want to force you to pay over the top pricing for gimmicky shit and cinemas, we all cant afford the ransom they charge.

  12. KxY says

    there’s no left CD or DVD original store in my city (i don’t live in capital city of the country) , i dunno why… i usually bought movie and cd song from the store, but then all of the store is bankrupt. so my alternative is only by using torrent, or only seeing the playing movie on theater (but not of all kind of movies is prohibit on my country) 🙁

  13. abhijeet says

    I don’t understand what happened with torrent
    So, please tell it to me in reply

    • Marvin Alex says

      Hello, abhijeet!
      Nothing happened with Torrent in particular. It’s just one popular torrent tracker site is now down.

  14. Primary Mover says

    Nobody mind paying what it is worth!
    Hollywood is Old, Greedy And just don’t get it!
    Remembering Aaron Swartz –

  15. MrNiceGuy says

    Patience, my Kickass Torrent-loving friends.
    Patience ….

  16. abhijeet says

    Thanx bro
    But i wanted to know why it is down?

    • Hareth says

      Great Job illegal things should be banned everywhere.

      • Obrefuo says

        Nonsense! People have the right to share what they have, don’t they? And if kickass makes that possible, why the hell not? No one has the right to tell me if i can share my stuff and to whom I
        should share. Not even the goddamned copyright owners

        On facebook and other sites, you can share videos with friends, why not movies?

  17. Chris says

    To ALL canadians, do not worry, we r protected by her majesty the queen so download to your hearts content with Ivacy VPN

  18. MB says

    I think the writers and producers will come to lose this race to web pirate sites. Today nobody purchase series or movies without knowing the quality of the actors and film quality. Any other product on the market, we can test, try, if you do not like, return ou ask for a refund. The entertainment industry does not allow it. Piracy should represent about 20% of the industry, it has a key role to separate what is good from what is bad. The vast majority of my known friends only go to the movies and buy movies when there are sure the film or series is good. And this information normally youfind in people that have seen a pirated copy. IThere are movie critics that have the job to do this. The problem is that half a dozen critics do not outweigh the thousands who comment the movies on pirate sites. I, personaly cannot find agreenmente in what they puplish. You have also sites like IMDB, that score movies… realy …do you normaly like the movies between 5 and 7? ?? Lets take another example …. Microsoft for years has done everything to prevent piracy … or not? Only the fact that there are millions of home users who illegally used the operating system has made such users were asked the companies they worked to use the same operating system and office application. When Androide came and users began to stop using the windows …
    what happened? the sale went down and they offered windows 10 …. ….. the industry of internament wants 20% of piracy …. in a few years thet will offer contents that can not sell because no one wants to see the …

    • MB says

      just to add a note to my bellow comment. See what is happening to netflix… They are losing market.. why? more then 70% of the contents is rubish … I do not know where they find the majority of the enternaiment they have in the site but its relay bullshit… and if they do not change the quallity of the content they will shutdown in a few years… mark my words…

  19. well i dont have lots money so i carnt go 2 the movies so takening this site down means i carnt see the laterst movies so thay are cuting there own throts cause i can say to pepole go 2 see this movie so thay will lose more money in the long run

  20. am says

    i think thatb im some cases, like mine, we dont profit from anything we download, as there are peolpe who do, but those people know they will be caught eventually. i see no danger in downloading, as long as you do not make money from it, and if you do you should pay for the original, movie or software.

  21. Ankit says

    While all the world is terrified because of….ISIS and Terrorism and Corruption and other things…..and leaving all this….. govt catching the good people who help giving the whole world something everyone can’t afford.

  22. kickfan says

    kickass torrents were my world in internet since 3 years i have never seen such remarkable performance among torrents’ websites got best games and easy to down-them.its wrong to arrest someone who try to give entertainment in youths life in free.

  23. Cathy says


  24. patricia says

    how is it stealing when you downlaod if you dont have the money to buy it? i get 10 euro each month but i watch more than 1 movie a month so i have to downlaod i cant buy 4 movies each month

  25. Ashit says

    I think torrent was doing a Wonderful job… But the only thing was government should have made certain norms that after certain period only the particular content should be uploaded on the net… The one who disobey’s it would face the consequences…

  26. panic says

    i bet policeman used kick ass also…

  27. geektechjamaica says

    America wants to own the world, so if your country is not dependent on them they will try and make war with you.. So u have to depend on the for something whether food or their currency.. So when we download movies, Hollywood cries because they need money from every piece of the pie.. So when u torrent it’s someone giving u a slice of their cake… This made them angry and they tell the American government to fix it… So they lockdown all torrents site in america… But that’s not enough for the money hoarders so the government have to now make friends with other country by giving them food, internet and empty promises, and then take control of there network so now they are able to tell that government which website to shutdown and which citizen to arrest… And then charge them against american laws.. Even if that person have never been in america before… It’s their world… So u guys needs to be aware of Google, facebook, and apple…. They are working to gather…. Selah

  28. Jarvis says

    So US police arrested a Polish citizen, in Poland, seized foreign web domains that were not hosted on US soil?
    Thats kinda like Islamic nations arresting women in the US for not wearing hajibs. Jurisdiction people, learn what it means.

    • Nope, The owner used an US server. I don’t know what he was thinking , may be wanted to make his site faster for US people. This hosting company exposed his email address. But you are right, they can take down any site as they want.

  29. Zeynoun says

    over 1M users each day.. If each user can donate 10-50$ more, he will be able to pay the 10 BILLION$.
    But the earth is somewhere where all the “take without giving”.

  30. lavonnepatton says

    Normally I do not learn article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do
    so! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thank you, very great

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