Top 7 Ways to Earning Money on Facebook

Do I need to introduce with you what is Facebook? Most of you must know what facebook is. Man can not live alone. We all like to be socialize. Because of the changing world now-a-days we have less time to spend with our Friends, Neighbours , Relatives. This is why You use Facebook to communicate with them.

Very few of us know about Earning ways on Facebook. Many thinks that managing a Facebook page can bring them money. Many also think that if someone likes their page or comment on their post, this will make you money. But this is not true.

There are many ways to earn money on Facebook – all of them are real and if you work hard you also can also earn money on Facebook.

Top 7 Ways to Earning Money on Facebook:


1. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook:

This is the number one way to make money on Facebook. First choose your marketable niche. Suppose you make a Facebook Page on “Make Up Cosmetics” now you can upload a Photo to your Page with the affiliate link. If your page has a large number of Audiences, you will earn a lot of money because when they follow your link and buy some product you get some percentage of the sell from the affiliated company.

Some Well known Affiliate company:

Register on any of these affiliate website and choose the product you want to promote on your Facebook Page, Facebook Group and also on your own Facebook Profile. It is believed that own facebook profile in which all your friends and relatives are connected with you works better than a Facebook page. It is due to the fact that we have a trust on our known persons and when someone starts promoting a product most of them will follow your affiliate link.

2. Create your own Facebook app and Earn money

If you have programming skill then you can earn money on Facebook by simply making your Facebook app and Showing Ads on your Facebook App. As Facebook is very popular you will find huge numbers of Companies are ready to show their Ads on your Facebook application.
You can also develop Facebook Games and make money out of it. After making it popular you can also sell the Game to other Big Game Maker companies. You can show ads on CPM (Cost Per thousand Impressions) , CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action) , CPI (Cost Per Installation). All you have to make sure is your app or game needs much more users. Without making your app or game popular there is a little chance of earning much profit. You need not to worry so much because Facebook has huge number of users around the world.

3. Sell your E-Book on Facebook

This is an excellent marketing scheme used by many of the successful Entrepreneur. This Scheme works. You can make a Facebook Page and start delivering Tutorials through this page. Suppose, You have written a premium book on “How to Start a Blog and Earn 1000$ a month”. You can a create a page named “How I made a Blog and Earned 1000$ a month”. Facebook users will be starting to like your Page . And if you deliver few articles from your book daily and request them to Buy your book if they want to know the full procedure. More and more user will buy your book. This is the power of Social Network Marketing Scheme. Where you give something free first time and in return get much profit from the increasing sell.

4. Use Facebook Marketplace and Sell your own product

Facebook Marketplace can be your another source of income on Facebook. You can sell,buy or even rent anything from this marketplace. You can sell your unnecessery goods through Facebook Marketplace and earn money. Say, You have one room in which nobody lives, You can give your extra room on rent. The most exciting thing of Facebook Marketplace is there are many items offered totally free of cost by the companies. They are offering this free because they want your feedback and most importantly they want to reach more and more customers. At least try these free iteams on Facebook Marketplace .

5. Become Ad Arbitrager on Facebook

Using Facebook as a mean of connecting with the consumers or customers is a very popular Marketing Scheme now-a-days. But very few of them knows how to show their Ad on Facebook. You can become an Ad Acbitrager on Facebook and Bring Facebook likes to your clients. You will be paid either the number of likes basis or you can charge a small amount for your service to showing their Facebook Ads on Facebook. I usually see these type of ads where Ad Arbitrager helps local companies in showing their ads on Facebook, where Ad Arbitrager maintains the direct money exchanging for the Ads to Facebook and the local compaines.

6. Become a Facebook market researcher

Are you an expert Market Researcher? If yes, then go and grab Facebook Marketing & Research Job on various Freelancer sites like , , etc. Facebook has visitors from all around the web – all of them are from different age, country and economic status. So Marketing policy of Facebook will help these Companies to research and gain exposer of their product and service. If you become skilled on this you can also earn money from Facebook. Or you have a business online and you want to get more clients then try Facebook as your mainstream source.
earn money facebook

7. Expand your business through Facebook

You have a niche website and you have added some advertizement on your website thinking of earning money from it – but you are not getting much traffic – then let me guess you are missing an Ingredient which is social network refferal visitors. Facebook can be the best traffic ingredient for your traffic generation scheme.

So, folks! these are the top 7 Earning money ways on Facebook you can start trying right now. Have questions? Use comment section.


  1. Hey Marvin.
    Thank you for this post.
    I’ll try all of these ways.

  2. Lawsuit Loans online says

    Thanks for providing this kind of information. I really need it. So thanks for this. I really thankful to you.

  3. Angie says

    When I read #2 I thought “um, I don’t think Facebook apps even exist anymore…”

    But sure enough, Farmville and Words With Friends are still there! I just haven’t played them in so long or received any of those annoying “Your friend needs a shovel!” Farmville requests that I thought they had disappeared completely.

    Anyways, these are all great ideas. Pretty much everyone recommends #1, so it’s cool to see some other ideas that aren’t just “post affiliate links on Facebook”.

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